Tricky Air Ride: Warrior / Roadstar / Roadliner / Raider / Vstar 

Give your Bike That Slammed look, while still maintaining a suspension. Tricky Air & Billet's Rear Stainless Steel rear air-suspension has 2'' of suspension stroke which translates to 5'' of rear swingarm movement. The Raider, Roadliner, Warrior, V-Star and Roadstar are some of the only bikes which can articulate its swingarm with so much lift because of there frame design. Kit comes complete with onboard air-compresssor/solenoid, 3-way toggle switch, and hosing.

(GSC-2205) Tricky Air Suspension: Warrior                                    $899  (GSC-2206) Tricky Air Suspension: Roadstar                                 $899  (GSC-2207) Tricky Air Suspension: RoadLiner                               $899  (GSC-2208) Tricky Air Suspension: Raider                                      $899  (GSC-2209) Tricky Air Suspension: Vstar                                        $899 

Risers 4": Roadstar / Vstar 

Fits all years  Road Star and V-Star 1100 & 650.  The Handlebar Clamp is CNC machined from solid Billet Aluminum.   Provides 4" of rise from the top of the triple tree with 1-1/2" of pullback.  Includes all necessary hardware and instructions. 

 (GSC-1280) 4" Risers Chrome                                                         $156 

 (GSC-1280-B) 4" Risers Black                                                         $156 

Risers 4" with Tach:  Roadstar / Vstar 

Includes White Face electronic Tach.  Ball Milled Handlebar Tach Mount and Tach Cup are Chrome plated Billet Aluminum. Easy plug in installation.  Fits all years of Road Star and 650 & 1100 V-Star.  Provides 4" of rise from the top of the triple tree with 1-1/2" of pullback.  Includes all necessary hardware, connectors, and complete instructions. 

 (GSC-1281) 4" Risers w/ Tach Chrome                                            $299 


Final Drive Belts:   Warrior / Roadstar 

Direct Replacement 

Greater Resistance to Tooth Jump

Less Pulley Wear

Made in U.S.A.

 (GSC-58421)  130T/ 14MM Pitch/ 1 1/8" Wide: Warrior                   $148 

 (GSC-58411)  128T/ 14MM Pitch 1 1/2" Wide: Roadstar                 $148 

Electronic Race Shifter:  Warrior

Electric Race Shifter Kit includes a dual button handlebar control, a shift cylinder support bracket and the state of the art control module which sends a quick signal from the dual button handlebar control to the shift cylinder. Also included is the electronic engine kill module and step-by-step instructions

 (GSC-7730)  Race Shifter Kit                                                           $1100